Entries Close Extended to 7pm 15th September ,
SABA Reserves the right to cancell this event should insufficient entries be received.

Date : 23 September ~9:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Woodville High School - Music Centre

Note:  Solo sections must be accompanied by a pianist. 
An accompanist is not supplied by SABA, therefore you need arrange for one of your own accord.  A list of past accompanists is available here

Time Limits
Junior Novice - 6 minutes
Senior Novice - 8 minutes
Junior Open - 10 minutes
Senior Open - 12 minutes
Senior Ballad - 5 minutes

Entry Form:  Click Here

Rules:  2023 Solo & Party Contest Rules

Entry fee, per entry: $15 per open brass and woodwind solo section
                                    $10 per junior brass and woodwind solo section
                                    $15 per percussion section entry.
                                    $5 per person for open and junior ensemble sections.

Solo & Party sections.
The following sections are available to be entered.
SABA reserves the right to not offer all sections or to combine sections should there be insufficient entries.
(Downloadable Version:  Click here)
Open Brass Championship Solo Sections 
12. Open Eb Soprano Cornet
13. Open Bb Cornet
14. Open Flugel Horn
15. Open Bb Trumpet
16. Open Eb Tenor Horn
17. Open French Horn​
18. Open Baritone
19. Open Tenor Trombone
20. Open Bass Trombone
21. Open Euphonium
22. Open High Tuba (EEb and F)
23. Open Low Tuba (BBb and C)
Combined Open Woodwind/Brass General Solo Sections
​24. Open Novice *
25. Ballad *
26. Veterans
Junior Brass Championship Solo Sections
27. Junior Eb Soprano Cornet
28. Junior Bb Cornet
29. Junior Flugel Horn
30. Junior Bb Trumpet
31. Junior Eb Tenor Horn
32. Junior French Horn
​33. Junior Baritone
34. Junior Tenor Trombone
35. Junior Bass Trombone
36. Junior Euphonium
37. Junior High Tuba (EEb and F)
38. Junior Low Tuba (BBb and C)
​Combined Junior Woodwind/Brass General Solo Sections
​39. Novice U/10
40. Novice U/13
41. Novice U/16
42. Novice U/19
​43. Open U/10
44. Open U/13
45. Open U/16
46. Open U/19
Open Woodwind Championship Solo Sections
​47. Open Piccolo
48. Open Flute
49. Open Oboe
50. Open Bb Clarinet
51. Open Bass Clarinet
​52. Open Alto Saxophone
53. Open Tenor Saxophone
54. Open Baritone Saxophone
55. Open Bassoon
Junior Woodwind Championship Solo Sections
56. Junior Piccolo
57. Junior Flute
58. Junior Oboe
59. Junior Bb Clarinet
60. Junior Bass Clarinet
​61. Junior Alto Saxophone
62. Junior Tenor Saxophone
63. Junior Baritone Saxophone
64. Junior Bassoon
​Open Percussion Championship Solo Sections
65. Open Snare/Side Drum
66. Open Timpani
​67. Open Mallet
87. Open Multi Percussion
Junior Percussion Championship Solo Sections
68. Junior Snare/Side Drum
69. Junior Timpani
​70. Junior Mallet
88. Open Multi Percussion
Open Brass Small Ensemble Sections
71. Open Brass Duet
72. Open Brass Quartet
​73. Open Brass Quintet
74. Open “Free” Brass Small Ensemble 
​Junior Brass Small Ensemble Sections 
​75. Junior Brass Duet
76. Junior Brass Quartet
​77. Junior Brass Quintet
78. Junior “Free” Brass Small Ensemble
Open Wind Small Ensemble Sections
79. Open Woodwind Duet
80. Open Woodwind Quartet
​81. Open Wind Quintet
82. Open “Free” Wind Small Ensemble 
Junior Wind Small Ensemble Sections 
83. Junior Woodwind Duet
84. Junior Woodwind Quartet
​85. Junior Wind Quintet
86. Junior “Free” Wind Small Ensemble
Important Key Dates for Forms & Entries:
Entry Form:
  Click Here
Rules:  2023 Solo & Party Contest Rules

Entry Closing Date:  Sept 10th

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