Permits, Player Declarations (Form 3) & Stage Plans (Form 4) due by Fri 11th Aug

The 2023 South Australian Band Championships will be held on Sunday 27 August 2023 at Walford Anglican School for Girls

Our State Championships provide a wonderful opportunity for member bands and players to perform music that will test them in a friendly competition format.  It also provides a unique opportunity for audiences to hear our bands at their very best, and to see what SA banding has to offer.
Date:    Sunday 27 August 2023
Time:   9:00am (Doors Open)
Venue: Walford Anglican School For Girls, 316 Unley Rd, Hyde Park SA 5061
Band Entry Fee:  $150

Admission Fee (General Public):  $10

All contest & player registration enquiries should be directed to  
Contest Guidelines can be found here
Form 1 & Form 3 are available via online forms.
Form 4 - Stage Plan please mark chair and stand locations as well as any power requirements
Player permit form is available

* There will be no marching component.
* Entertainment Program (optional) will be adjudicated separately on entertainment and overall performance and will not form part of the Championship scoring. Information regarding this will be provided to bands separately.

    Brass:  Martin Phillipson 
    Concert:  David Polain  (Darryl Pope unavailable due to illness)


* Full details for bands will be displayed here .
08:30 - Doors Open to Audience/Public
09:00 - Open C-Grade Brass 
12:00 - Lunch followed by C-Grade Brass results.
12:40 - Open B-Grade Brass
14:00 - Open A-Grade Brass
15:30 - A-Grade & B-Grade Brass Results. (new time)
15:40 - Open B-Grade Concert
17:30 - Open A-Grade Concert
18:15 - Concert Band Results
18:30 - Close

Time Limits:  The following time limits apply to bands participating in the Championships.

Championship Pieces
 Duration (Limit)
Hymn / Sacred Item
All Grades
6 minutes
Stage March
All Grades
~5 minutes
Own Choice Major Work
Open A & B Grade
23 minutes
Open C & D Grade
18 minutes
Junior A
16 minutes
Junior B
13 minutes
Junior C
10 minutes
Entertainment Program*
Max Ent. Program Duration
All Grades
10 minutes

Important Key Dates for​ Forms & Entries:   

Friday 14th July (COB)
All Band & Player Renewal, Registrations & Clearances received

Form 1 – Entry & Music Advice form completed

Friday 11th Aug (COB)
Form 3 –Declaration & Player details
All Permits received
Copies of music scores and Stage Plan

Sunday 20th August
All Entry, Band & Player Registrations finalised & Payments received and confirmed.

** SABA expects all forms and payments to be submitted on time.


2023 Sponsors
If you would like to be a sponsor and appear in the official program please contact the SABA President, Bruce Raymond

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