SABA, as the SA brass and concert community governing body, is here to promote the activities and achievements of member bands, affiliated bodies and information which SABA feels may be of interest or benefit to you through its Social Media presence and website.
To facilitate this and to assist bands in this effort, the following has been assembled to provide guidelines and instructions on how to communicate your band’s activities and achievements through these channels.
This document focuses on general etiquette when communicating via Social Media on SABA's Facebook page and the recommended (requested) method to get your band’s events listed on the SABA Facebook page and website..

Social Media Etiquette:
Social media channels, like Facebook, are there to provide a means by which to get your band’s activities and views published to a wider community rather than relying solely on word of mouth and mailing lists.
You are reminded and encouraged to consider carefully any comments or posts, including FB Post Shares made both on your own Social Media site but also of other bands and organisation sites.
Healthy and constructive debate on topics is encouraged.  But please bear in mind and be respectful of posting on other sites like SABA’s or another Band’s social media channels, as any derogatory or inflammatory comments could reflect badly on your own band’s reputation & activities.
Bands are also reminded to be respectful of other band’s sites regarding posting (sharing) your own band’s events to their site.  It may be tempting to ‘get the word out’ but remember that their social media sites (like Facebook), are there to promote their activities and not yours.

Creating A Facebook Event
To assist with the process of getting your band’s events and activities on to the SABA Facebook site as an upcoming event, please follow the steps below.  By following these steps, your event will appear in both the SABA Facebook ‘Upcoming Events’ section and facilitate pre-event promotion on both the SABA's Facebook page and website.
A copy of these steps with images is included in the attached PDF at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only Events created via a Band’s Facebook page will be published on the SABA Facebook page.
Band Events created under personal Facebook accounts and subsequently shared to a bands page are discouraged and may result in the event not being shared to SABA Facebook page at SABA's discretion.
This is to ensure that your Band is promoted and not the individual who created the event.

Step 1:
Go to your band’s Facebook page​
and the click “+ Create Event”

Step 2:
Complete the details of the “New Event” screen”
When you are happy with the details, click the [PUBLISH] button at the bottom

Step 3:
Once the event has been Published, find the event on your bands Facebook events page and click on it to open it.
Copy the link shown in the address bar
Paste the link you copied into an email and include a copy of the image you want used to promote the event in JPG (JPEG) format and email to

Event is shown on SABA Facebook Page & Website
Once SABA receives the email, we will endeavour to share the event to the SABA Facebook Events page as soon as practical.
SABA will also add the event image to the SABA Website which will link back to the Facebook event.
An additional Facebook POST may be created to automatically appear in the SABA Facebook page no more than 2x weeks prior to the published event start date.  We reserve the option to adjust this 2-weeks period such that event​s on the same day are re-published on different days to provide our Facebook followers the opportunity to be remined about both.  Any adjustment to the re-publish date will be based on a first-in basis.

SABA Social Media Guidelines.pdf SABA Social Media Guidelines.pdf