Chairperson of the SABA Drill Advisory Board, Jeff Hale, has prepared some helpful information to give some insight into the important role that Drum Majors play in our marching bands.  We hope this will assist bands in preparing for their marching commitments, as well as encourage anyone who might be interested in taking up the role of Drum Major in the future.

The SA Band Association has plans to hold a Workshop/Training day once COVID 19 restrictions have eased sufficiently for this to occur.
  • Drum Major Staff drill PDF.    In this document I have covered basic Staff / Mace drill to be used on Anzac Day Parade and also Christmas Pageants. Of course there are many other drill movements BUT let’s just keep it simple at this point and cover the parades that most marching bands participate in.  I have tried to make clear instruction by using photos of the drill movements (step by step in some instances) with the added advantage of using the notes as a reminder after you  attend the Drum Major workshop.
  • Tips for the Drum Major PDF.   In this document I have included my thoughts on tips when training your marching band and also before stepping off on a Parade.  Some tips are very logical but can still assist Drum Majors. 
Remember   -   “We are all community musicians giving our time for the enjoyment of others and ourselves.”.  Keep it enjoyable but still insisting on correct drill and therefore showing your band in its best advantage.

Jeff Hale
Chairperson, SABA Drill Advisory Board.